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Parquet flooring in natural wood tones are timeless and are always in style. Our flooring comes from carefully selected slow growing and extremely stable oak trees.

We love how time alters the natural appearance of the wood, especially the way it ages the structure and tones. In this collection of parquet flooring we can achieve the look of long-term aging and wear in the briefest of time. Luxury wooden flooring, beaten and aged to create a high-quality, timeless look.

For walls and floors. Durable, impenetrable colours. We combine the most evocative colours to create a look that is modern, urban and nostalgic all at the same time. Every colour has its own story and is the result of more than 15 years of experience creating à la carte parquets and panels in different styles. All of our colours are water-based.

A collection inspired by tales of passionate explorers and long journeys across mysterious oceans. Parquets with distressed surfaces, deeply planed to represent the passing of time using new techniques that create an elegant yet unostentatious look. In harmony with your imagination, strength and beauty.

Wooden floors using panels that have been, are and always will be the focal point of a majestic floor. The main characteristic of a Versaille floor pattern. The symbol of royalty and the elite ruling classes that defined the era. Parquets with designs incorporating chevron and herringbone patterns that create a timeless, classic style that is easy to combine with modern designs.

The beauty of a piece of a wood that has been restored or reclaimed after a long time. We believe that reclaimed wood is a genuine treasure and is true to our humble origins, when in centuries past, before electricity or machinery, wood was the basic material for construction. Wood from American barns, caves, farms or railway sleepers that hark back to a bygone era that we transform to become part of your home. Marked by the passage of time, with the help of our expert hands, the wood becomes a parquet so unique that it is almost a work of art.

We like to work with different dimensions. Not everything has to be typical. We can create exquisite pieces of any size, whether that be more than 4 metres in length by 300mm wide, or equally elegant parquets chosen to be just 100mm wide by varying lengths.

We seek what our customer wants. We personalize our à la carte parquet and adapt it to the requirements of the interior designers. Tell us what colour you want and we’ll give it to you.

If you’re looking to create an extraordinary interior space, we have a unique design solution. The high quality of our flooring can be adapted for use on your walls to achieve harmony in 3 dimensions.

To request a sample, please contact us via telephone or email. The cost of a 10x10cm sample is 10€ + postage.

Payment via transfer
Postage to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands
For other dimensions and quantities, please request more info.


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